Securinets Quals CTF 2023 - Writeups Index

Securinets Quals CTF 2023 - Writeups Index



Securinets Quals CTF was this Securinets generation’s first CTF event on CTFTime where all the big teams have demonstrated therir skills to get to the finals in Tunisia this late-September.

We present three challenging tasks, one forensics involving Hiberfil.sys, Restore Point, and Crypto-currency Wallet, and two Misc involving Hamiltonian diagonalization, Trotterization, circuit simulation for Quantum System, and Reverse Engineering a set-top-box firmware and analyzing its memory dump.

Congratulations to SKSD, r3kapig, Hexagon for earning the top 3 spots in the CTF, and we deliver a special apperciation to the Securinets masterminds for their hard work and dedication to make this event a huge success, and we hope to see you all in the finals.


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  1. Quantum: 0-8-4 Challenge Writeup
  2. Forensics: Jackpot Challenge Writeup
  3. Misc: Couch Potato Challenge Writeup
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Securinets Quals CTF 2023 - Writeups Index